Roger Wickes

Creative Software Solutions

Relevant Experience

The first few decades of my working career were spent in software development, assuming progressively higher levels of responsibility, being responsible for a Service Center of 120 professionals developing software across many platforms and verticals. I am no stranger to computers and technology; way back when, I built my own PC with a soldering iron. I led the development of some of the first internet-centric dot-com enterprise applications. Along the way, I became a project manager, presenter, requirements analyst, business process re-engineering consultant, and mentor, being certified by EDS and approved by PMI for a PMP. Out of habit I develop budgets and schedules, managing my team's activities to ensure successful completion of the overall goal.

I negotiate scope, time and resources so that we all succeed in a win-win environment. I can function independently, or with a team to accomplish larger goals. I have taught one thousand students on requirements analysis, project management, and software modeling (data flow, data modeling), and producing software specifications to ensure a comprehensive solution before coding starts. My work pattern is thus that way; I start at the beginning and work my way through; I avoid false starts are wasted effort, allowing my time and others' efforts to be most efficient.

Applying that Experience

So, one of the first questions usually is "How much will this cost?" Even though I am very technical and love to play with technology like your typical geek, i know that at the end there is a paying customer. Because of my experience, I am able to quickly provide a work breakdown structure (WBS) and not omit critical tasks and cost components. I can identify dependencies and risk areas, and help you manage those risks through mitigation, monitoring and response. I can adjust my level of effort to match your available burn rate. A video project is like any other project, in that there is an large amount of work that has to be accomplished as quickly as possible. It is unique in that it is very visual and creative, but at the same time it must be managed to budget. I conduct all my activities in a prompt and professional manner, and do my best to ensure that everyone enjoys the journey.

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