Roger Wickes

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Invention Submission

In order for a patent to be approved, it must be demonstrated to be unique, non-obvious, and workable. I can work with you to develop a working animated CAD model that exemplifies the embodiment of the invention. Out of this process, your concept will be proven workable, and a materials parts list is generated, along with actual dimensions. Use this information to develop a cost-to-manufacture (CTM) rough-order-magnitude (ROM) estimate, which indicates the ultimate minimum retail price. Then, I can produce dimensionless figures to submit with your invention. I hold Patent #6,796,205, a new kind of pliers so I know the process and requirements inside and out, and have been successful. Then we use these same models to make videos showing the invention in use for commercials, demonstrations, and securing manufacturing licenses and royalties.

I have obtained my professional certification by APICS, the American Production and Inventory Control Society, so I know all areas of plant-floor operations and manufacturing considerations, including Design for Manufacture (DFM).

Successful Patent=Successful Marketing

My patent for a ratcheting pliers. My brother actually made a prototype and sent it to me. I analyzed it, figured out how to patent it, abstracted the conecpt and generalized it, wrote it up and worked with a patent attorney to successfully obtain the patent. This image is a frame from the interlaced video for the DVD we sent out to manufacturers to show them our concept in action. I can do the same for you.

Concept in Development

This concept is currently in development, so I cannot say too much about it, except that I developed the CAD model and have worked a lot on materials and actual tolerances and exploring many alternative designs, selecting the best implementation so that we can move forward with patent submission.

Filter Washer

I cannot guarantee success; not all efforts succeed. I developed the CAD model and patent submission for a machine to wash the tubular membrane filters used in hot tubs and swimming pools. Unfortunately, the patent was rejected, and I ran out of money for the patent attorney, and thus could not peruse the patent and further qualify and refine this concept. This was sad, as I actually spent 6 months building actual prototypes and collecting customer requirements. RIP.

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