Roger Wickes

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"Where Virtual Reality comes to Life."

Welcome to my web site. Here you will find information about me and how I have put my talents to use as a multimedia and graphics Producer/Director for Atlantica Investments, Inc. We provide a comprehensive solution to your needs in video production, from concept work to compositing. I hope that you garner some enjoyment and gain an understanding of how you might use my talents to your benefit through this site, as well as order some of my work through my on-line web store at I am always seeking projects to create beautiful imagery.

Where I work

I am based in Augusta, Georgia, USA, near Atlanta which is home of Turner Broadcasting and several world-wide ministries, and several global web-casting services. I have access to a green-screen TV studio and a full complement of audio tools. I have worked for clients in the USA, India, China, Australia, Canada - the beauty of the Internet means that I rarely get on a plane anymore, although I will if needed, and offer a reduced rate for travel time. For clients in India and Australia for example, we touch base twice a day by phone and email. I used this time zone difference to our advantage - first thing in the morning, they had a new batch of work to review and give me direction on and at the end of their day, they gave me consolidated direction (which was the start of my day) and I basically worked while they slept, and I slept while they reviewed and critiqued.


You may contact me via email, or at rogerwickes at yahoo dot com, or call me at 502.0484 (country code 01, area code 404) . I work on a time and materials or full time basis, often multi-tasking, and will be glad to help you get your project completed. I will not work for free, because I donate a significant amount of my time to community causes (see my Pro Bono page).

About the Samples

The sample video, music, poetry, writing and other creative imagery on this site is provided as examples only and copyrighted by their respective owners (sometimes myself). I have tried to select formats that are compatible with all PC platforms. If all else fails, or to view my collection, please visit my Vimeo site. The MPEG-4 format video was created with QuickTime Pro and should play inside Windows Media Player version 11. Prior version of WMP may need the QuickTime Player plug-in. The QuickTime Player (version 6.x) will complain about the format but will play it just fine. If you are using the QuickTime Player plugin for Internet Explorer, you may have to allow blocked content if you have IE security pretty tight. The QuickTime Movie format is 10 times bigger but should play wherever QuickTime is installed; QuickTime Player is a free download from Apple.

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