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Training vs. Instruction

Instruction is a one-way delivery (from teacher to student) of information about what to do in order to accomplish a task. Instruction is often textural, with some pictures (e.g. a textbook or user manual). Instruction is cheap, because you only have to write a book and provide a hard copy or a web site access. However, the Adult learner is easily bored, and even the youth learner now wants to "see it in action" (also, reading comprehension is a tricky thing). Training is hands-on use of the tools and implementation of the technique, usually be teacher demonstration and student practice. Training is expensive, as it requires an instructor, (time) getting together (travel) with students in a workshop (rent).  Video Tutorials are a hybrid of these two techniques, building on the strengths of each and minimizing the weaknesses. to view my Blender Tutorial collection, please visit my Vimeo site. Once recorded, a video tutorial can be delivered on demand. The student is spoken to one-on-one, and shown how to do something, step-by-step. Instead of not being embarrassed by asking stupid questions, or asking the instructor to repeat something, the student can simply replay the video. Coupled with a workbook, the student can practice, step-by-step, using their own work facilty (no travel or rent). Different language tracks can accompany the same video, enabling consistent training in different countries.

Instructor-Led Training

During my employment with Electronic Data Systems (EDS) and Information Technology Group (ITG), I developed courseware and instructor-led trained over 1000 students in various aspects of Project Management and Software Architecture (OO Design, Process Modeling, Data Modeling, Testing). Using my experience in instructional design and instructor-led training, I can develop these tutorials for you. I tailored these courses to fit with a particular package. For example, I tailored the Data Modeling course to use the Bachman Data Analyst package and then later the Sybase package and SilverRun. This involved learning the new package, changing all the terminology in the course material, and re-generating the labs and exercises to use the package while maintaining exercise goals.

Video Training-the next best thing to "being there"

Video Training provides on-demand, one-on-one training that can be replayed and delivered at no additional cost. Training can be split up into 15-minute segments, and coordinated with an exercise book so that the student can apply their new knowledge to a current job example. Thus, they actually get some work done while in class! I have developed dozens of video tutorials that each focus on a specific topic, providing taregeted training selected by the student, and easy/cheap revision as the subject matter techniques and/or tools improve. I can handle scripting, voice-over recording, mixing, filming and screen capture, compositing and mastering. I have relationships with web casters so that your training can be delivered world-wide from your corporate intra-net.

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