Roger Wickes

Creative Software Solutions

Answering Questions

As my contribution back to the community, I mentor forum participants to the website. I have answered thousands of questions and helped thousands of people use the Blender package. Our audience ranges from young teenagers to professionals alike. This has given me valuable experience at quickly and accurately diagnosing problems and providing solutions.

Mastering Features

Documentation is foremost in User's minds, and last on the developer's list. I have spent thousands of hours writing, rewriting, updating and revising the Blender Wiki User Manual. While it is an international collaboration effort, I wrote entire sections, for example on Compositing and Painting. In order to do so, I had to master the subject area, come up with examples based on commonly and frequently asked questions, and fully explore all of the options available. In doing so, I have become extremely proficient in many of Blender's features.

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