Roger Wickes

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If you stick around long enough... eventually accumulate a collection. I continue to write and play. Most recently, "Chase my Blues Away" for my wife and our 27th anniversary, performed on my new electric. My collection includes:

Alleluia, One Step at a Time, One Voice, Peace on Earth, Protection, Rejoice
Country/FolkGoodbye Angel, I Can Find, I Will Always Love You, Paradise (written for and presented to Don Ho on his birthday),
Twenty Five Years, Raining
Industrial     Dance, Dunno, Mindless, Mints, and Orange
New Age/TranceNancy
Pop     1-2-3, C'mon Baby, Or Should We, Revenge, So Happy, Troubles
Rock     Angeline, Baby Please, Don't let the Door, Lord's Prayer, Pure, Thunder, Becca's Birthday
Symphonic     Artistic Flame, Happy Day, Lake, Relax, Seregetti, Stallion, Twining, Waterfall, Watering Can, Will You?

Some of the Rock songs are non-exclusively licensed by Second Hand Smoke and Iceland. Some are recorded and performed here for your personal listening pleasure. I write lyrics, invent motifs, and compose songs and thematic elements. I can also post-pro mix and produce just about any aural experience. Many thanks to Diliana Slobovoy, Pianist for the Bulgarian National Symphony, who I was fortunate enough to have as my piano teacher.

Please contact me if you would like a custom song written for you or a loved one.

Nancy' s Song

This trance or new-age song was inspired by my Aunt Nancy, in her fight against cancer. I wanted to convey soothing and healing energy through this composition, and for her 80th birthday. After one round of chemo that nearly killed her, she has gone with Macrobiotics, and has more energy and vitality than she ever had. She has lost her fat, trimmed down a few dress sizes, and enjoys every day to its fullest - a true example of courage and spirit.


Music in movies and video conveys emotion and carries the whole experience. I wrote a  thematic element called Trepidation for a video where the main characters are sneaking to the hangar, and they successfully take off in the spaceship after a narrow escape. It was interesting to write a "song" that isn't a song, for a proscribed length, and that has to blend in foley sounds.

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